I work mainly in watercolours but also use pencil, ink or acrylics.

An interest in drawing was encouraged from an early age which helped in securing a career, following a rare opportunity to join a local locomotive manufacturing company.
Using a drawing board for 20 years greatly influenced the development of a detailed style, working freelance as Draughtsman and Engineering Designer for all the major rolling stock manufacturers whilst my spare time was consumed with painting for pleasure. This work evolved over many years before taking the plunge into a second career of painting full time.
Whilst painting for pleasure from childhood I've experimented with a variety of mediums before settling on watercolour.
Usually I make sketches and take several photographs of a subject or scene to assess its’ suitability, which features to accentuate and which to ignore before deciding what to include and what should be omitted.
The panoramic format suits me best when there are so many interesting buildings or characteristics all working together because to exclude a feature or a complete building would not be doing the picture justice. It would be like doing a jigsaw but leaving out the last piece.
On average it takes me around 120 hours to complete a panorama.
I admire many artists and my favourites include Edward Wesson and Fabrice Moireau.
The architectural styles I find most stimulating are the Arts & Crafts and Gothic Revival movements, in particular the work of architects Edwin Lutyens and Philip Webb.